Hey people,

A lot of readers messaged me to say that they are unable to read Fire & Ice because the password is not working for them. I’m not sure if the problem is general or with their system.

This post is to ask if you are able to read Fire & Ice. or should I remove the password.

Take care.

29 thoughts on “About Fire & ice

  1. I can read, Password is working & thank you for back to back updating❤. I’m loving it 😍

  2. I just joined the blog the day before yesterday and so don’t know about the password and am unable to read.

  3. password is working for me..Just had to enter it once for the 1st chapter and now it is running smoothly for all the chapters..

  4. So in the first two chapters I had to enter the password but with the later posts the chapter automatically opened without password.

  5. Since morning you are posting it’s parts and after every five to ten minutes, i am refreshing the page to look for more new parts. That’s how addicting and engaging your stories are! Still hoping for more parts to get uploaded today 🤞Lots of love and appreciation for work.♥️♥️♥️ Your each and every story is so gripping that I keep on checking the stories’ schedule that which one’s update would be coming today!!!

  6. Password is fine. It was only a time enter and we can read the updates without any hassle now. 😍

  7. Passwords is working without any inconvenience. Just had to enter it once and after that it’s running smoothly ♥️

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