Dear friends,

I am making available my first story with Manik and Nandini as lead characters. I will be able to make it available as long as it continues and then 2 weeks beyond that.

I am quite shaken by plagiarism. So though the site promises to take care of plagiarists and WordPress ensures legal action, I am skeptical.

I am not sure.

Also, I don’t want to disturb my peace of mind due to some lowlives. It affects the process of creativity. So it is better to keep our work safeguarded.

For now, it is there – it begins on Sunday – the 10th of May. And contains 110 parts until completion.

Happy Reading.

Love you all.


17 thoughts on “‘Fire & Ice’ to begin on Sunday – 10.05.2020

  1. My goodness….finally I found u…. I have been searching u and ur stories from a long time… ur stories helped me alot when I was in problem….I learnt alot from it when I have no one beside me…and suddenly I lost ur story…finally I found u…especially Sparkle & Spice… that story s quiet close to me…I wish to re read it…can u pls help me to get access to that story….I may find my peace again

  2. Ok I am excited to read fire and ice.. although read few chapters when you posted initially but want to read it desperately..can’t wait..

  3. You just fulfilled one of my wishes Manita to get an opportunity to read Fire and Ice 🤩🤩😘😘😘

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