This story begins tomorrow. 

It is a MaNan story with some dark shades, some mysteries, and some mature content. 

I will post part 1 tomorrow morning. 


               Dr. Manik Malhotra 

A surgeon practicing in Innsbruck, Austria.
Kind-hearted, dynamic, strong-willed, and dedicated.
And very very mysterious.
No one know why he does and what he does and what is going inside his mind. He doesn’t tell either.


Nandini Murthy

A fiction writer working as an accountant to pay her bills.
She lives in her own world and doesn’t believe in interacting with anyone outside her world
People, relationships, life feel like a burden to her.


Read about them in regular updates from tomorrow 🙂

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47 thoughts on “Love, Lies, Etc. – Introduction

  1. Interesting I m very excited
    BT I already subscribe site how can I subscribe this site again

    1. You can subscribe any number of sites, as you want. Fill your email id on Home page and you will get the notifications of new posts

  2. I love all your stories and I know soon I will be fan of this one too. Can’t wait to start reading.
    And the pic of Manik(Parth) there… I always loved it.

    1. Same here. Everytime I think that I should be able to find a pic to describe my character and for every emotion, every situation, every scene, I get a Manan, manik or nandini pic. They are so versatile…

  3. One thing i’ll tell you! YOU’RE VERY DEDICATED PERSON. Like you care so much about your readers, very rare to find this kind of humble attitude in talented writers. You’ve a family and you are going to write almost everyday for us!!!

    Its okay will not complain, we there with you, you should take rest a little, update alternative days! There’s so much to learn from you, passion for work, inspite of plagiarism so many times you fought back, there was personal issue in your life still you came back for us, your laptop not working still updating from phone, you gave your readers a chance to read your book first, always apologized for not being able to reply to comments ( And i wonder its so practically tiring to reply and write stories on time), you there for us if we want to share anything about our lives. A lady with golden heart.

    1. Aww… I am seriously overwhelmed with the words that you wrote for me. I don’t know if I deserve them but I do know one thing that I am immensely fortunate to have you all in my life and all that I do, is not a favour to anyone… It is actually my love for all of you and my passion for writing that makes me do this.
      Glad that you are with me in this.
      Lots of love. Take care.

  4. I subscribed this site to thank you for your amazing writing skills and your passion.

  5. Di you were about to post one part today right..or I understood it wrong…or missed the info somewhere..

  6. how beautifully you have created this site and also the story line is soo interesting ..eagerly waiting .. 😀

  7. Excited di……I am totally loving the new site and the story. Congratulations!!!!

  8. interesting & excited to know how the story unfolds. . waiting for the update

  9. O my god, it’s a dark story 😍😍 I like this genre 💃love to read ur version of dark ff ❤❤ PS: SUBSCRIBED

  10. Wow really excited for this. I could never ever get over Manik and Nandini and you just made this dream of always reading about them come true. So excited. Can’t wait to read the story. Thank you so much di ♥️

  11. Woah !! I feel on the top of the world. A MaNan storyyyyyyyyyy….wuhoooo !!!!! Can’t wait for it to proceed and I love,love mysterious characters because I always feel it adds up to their personality.

  12. I am so excited to read this story, the characters are very new and unique. Looking forward to a new adventure like the previous ones and I am a huge fan of your writing.
    Thank you for uploading Fire and Ice I just love that book and would love to read it again.

  13. Wohooooooo excited main eddaaaaa 💃
    Plot is looking interesting. Mysterious doctor and unbothered Nandini. I am all up for this MaNan journey.
    Lots of love for you Di ❣️

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