Hello Dear Lovely People,

Overwhelmed with requests to write MaNan fics, as a token of gratitude towards MaNan fans and my love for MaNan, I decided to dedicate an entire site for fanfics that have MaNan as characters.

As I have left wattpad due to repeated plagiarism of my stories and creations; and since my other blog manitav.net hosts other stories that are non-manan stories, and also talks about my life, my experiences, and my upcoming novel, I wanted to create a space that talks only about MaNan stories. A site that does not overload my other blog, thereby crashing it, and which sends you notifications only about MaNan fics.
This site hosts stories that have Manik and Nandini as characters. Please note that only the names of the characters are the same as MaNan. Everything else – the plots, storylines, characterizations, situations, dialogues, set-up, and every word in the stories is original and belongs to the author Manita V.
This site is COPYRIGHT PROTECTED: COPYRIGHT © 2020 ManitaV. All Rights Reserved.
Plagiarism is a punishable offense and WordPress makes sure that the offenders are prosecuted. I will personally ensure a legal action should any story be found plagiarised. Any attempt to copying or reproducing any part of the story/dialogues/or plotlines being copied will be dealt with very strictly.
DISCLAIMER – The names of lead characters Manik & Nandini are from the biggest show of MTV – Kaisi Yeh Yaarian. The pictures used are of the actors from the same show, sourced through google. I have used them on the insistence of fans. No copyright infringement is intended.
If the makers or original copyright owners have any issue, I will remove them.


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