She was inside the bathtub, soaking every part of her alluring, divine body in the warm water, letting the bubbles from the body gel relax her when he walked inside.

“Looks like, someone was missing me.” She teased him.

“You guessed right.” He took a deep breath and gasped, kneeling low beside the tub.

“Step inside.” She blushed and cutely invited him in.

He was flattered and couldn’t refuse what he had been hoping for. Smoothly, he followed her. It was getting hotter every moment, both the water and the people inside it. It seemed that they couldn’t have enough of each other when they submerged inside the frothy fluid in the tub.

His tongue travelled through her mouth down towards her chin, neck and hollow of the throat. Her hands traced the sinewy muscles of his shoulders and arms.

This was an eventful weekend. In a quest to quench a weird thirst, they had lit a fire – A fire that only threatened to increase. A fire that refused to die down; that could burn both of them; and needed them to consume themselves.

Both of them were aware of this but both found themselves helpless. They had tried hard enough but neither they could resist each other nor they could come closer than this.  Deep inside, every move suggested that they were burning to come closer than they already were.

She sighed, “I’ve never been like this before. People were interested but I hardly cared to even look back. Every stupid guy I dated tried his best to come to my room. But I never went beyond the kisses. Even the kisses were so repulsive. Gahh!!”

He chuckled at the way she explained that. “Same here! I’ve never felt anything with any of the girls I have known before. My bad! I couldn’t give them the attention they demanded. I didn’t know that it will be for you!”

“I know that!” She murmured, moving her fingers between the hair at his chest. She was scared that she was going to end up like other girls and this was surely going to break her heart. Something, she didn’t want to go through. Not with Manik.

She looked at him, sideways, and tilted her neck sensually, “Let’s grow above this madness after this trip. I don’t want to have an affair with you.”

“Neither do I.” He sighed.

She caught her breath when he took all her hair at one side, stretched her neck and licked it, taking a good amount in his mouth, and teasing it forcefully.

“Gosh, that will leave a hickey.” She softly chuckled, worried about the reaction from their friends.

“That will be fun! Our friends know why we needed one room. Don’t worry about them…”

“Yeah. But… that’s going to be awkward for me!” She whispered in a husky voice.

“Don’t worry! I won’t let anyone trouble you. Trust me.”

“You make me feel so special. No one cares for me like you do.” She complimented him genuinely.

But he wanted to know more, “And?”

She giggled, “And I love the way you make love.”

“And I love the way you partner in the crime. ” He replied making her giggle again.

They desperately made love for the umpteenth time. His hardness filling up her softness. His rough skin bruising her smooth baby skin. His stubble scratching the inner softness of her wrists and her knees. His hands interlocking with hers as if she was the anchor to his aimless wandering soul.

He entwined their legs and curled up to bring her over him. She ran her index finger over the length of his nose. He looked deep in her eyes. She did the same. Both of them were worried about only one thing – They just hoped that they were not in love already.


This trip had been an experience of a lifetime, for all of them.

Mark, Sammy, Lauren and Tina joined a biking rally, something which did not entice Manik and Nandini at all. So they gave it a miss.

They were locked inside the room – making love like crazy –  kissing, living their fantasies… as planned.

But something that was not planned happened too – really longgg cuddle sessions, talking their hearts out about their early life as best friends and then confessions that they were definitely attracted to each other once, but at different times… when the teenage hormones rushed raging inside them with growing age… at least once they had a subtle crush on each other… but they didn’t give it much importance.

Their friendship was precious for them so they grew above their teenage thoughts. Nandini released those hormones over loser guys and Manik used to fantasize about Nandu, with his own series of flop relationships himself, apart from showing aggression in sports and gym.

She sat over the couch by the window and stretched herself. He lay reclining over the cushions with his sleepy drugged eyes focused on her.  She tried to get up but he pulled her back to him. “Don’t go anywhere. Come back.”

She rested her chin on his chest. “I’m exhausted.”

“Great! That makes the two of us. But I have plans for you.”

“Plans?” She was excited.

“Yes. Before we call this weekend off, I wanted to do something that I will not be able to do after we go back home.”
“And that is?” She rolled her eyes, unable to wait for the surprise.

“Will you come with me on a date?” He asked, with his lips pressed in his mouth, with hope sparkling in his eyes, just like a smitten teenager.


It was a ‘Moonlight Gaze’ that he had chosen for them…

It was almost midnight. They had the dinner at the hotel restaurant and then they walked towards the private beach area behind the hotel. For as far as the eyes could see, there was clear sky and clear water everywhere.

Right near the water of the ocean, where the waves hit the shore, a hammock and a lovely seating space was arranged for two, overlooking the sea and the moon.

“Had I known, that it was going to be beach date, I wouldn’t have worn my crystal heels.” She giggled, trying to balance her feet in the sand.

Within the next moment, he lifted her in his arms, perfectly balancing her and carried her towards the end of the beach, “I’m strong enough to carry you, darling.”

A little while ago, standing before the dressing room mirror, she was still not able to decide which dress to wear for the date that would make her look beautiful. She wanted to see admiration in his eyes, just the way she saw lust in his eyes last night when they made love for the longest of time.

When he told her about this plan, she didn’t know why but she had been thrilled. She was looking forward to her first date with Manik Malhotra.

She had chosen a sleeveless, ankle-length, one piece dress in teal colour, with pearl and sequins at bodice and a small flare at knees. Peep-toes and crystal heels in her feet, hair tied in a loose seductive bun, a fine diamond necklace around her neck, and a diamond bracelet completed her look.

When she saw him dumbstruck, gaping at her on the dinner table, she knew that she must be looking hot and beautiful at the same time. She blushed and loved the way he was looking at her. How she had wanted this look for her … forever !

This reminded her of the marriage proposal her parents had accepted last month for her. The guy lived in Florida, country-side, and had his own range of hotels. The family was rich and the man in question had post-graduate degrees in business.

Nandini had protested. She had just broken up from Peter and didn’t want to get into another relationship. This happened one month after the mind-numbing kiss she had shared with Manik. Her brain was not working properly. She didn’t know what she wanted from life. Peter had hurt her. She and Manik were not talking straight at that time. When she was asked about her relationships, she had divulged that she was not in any relationship. Surprisingly, she was told not to get into any. She had become very angry with her parents at that.

Why was it that she was supposed to marry this guy Sahil from florida and supposed to stay loyal to a man that she hadn’t even met. Frustrated, she did everything to defy her parents. But they didn’t budge. Nandini didn’t agree but was gradually losing her defiant side, before getting into this senseless, mindless, all-limits-crossed rendezvous, with Manik.

To her defence, it was not her fault. She had tried to resist it. She had tried to avoid Manik, too. But he was a magnet, to which she was attracted beyond her control. They had to finish this thing off that had started with a mindless kiss. Maybe, it had to end this way. There was no other solution to this fire in them. A fire, nearly equal on both sides.

After the dinner, they walked towards the beach to gaze the moonlight by the sea and Manik had lifted her in his arms to relieve her from the pain of her heels stuck in sand.

‘Am I in love with Manik?’ She asked herself, looking into his eyes. The reflection that she saw of herself, in his eyes, looked back at her. Worried. Confused.

No, she was not on a rebound from Peter. Or running away from Sahil. She didn’t even remember anyone else when Manik was with her.

Oh fish! What have I gotten myself into???!!  Is this love?

She now realised what was that stupid feeling that she had for him at all times. That stupid queasy feeling that wanted to kill every girl he had ever dated. She wanted to be the one he took on a date. No one else.

Quite probably, she had asked him to kiss her at the pub because she had wanted to kiss him. She wasn’t someone to indulge in a careless, uninhibited sex with someone. It had to be with Manik and only with Manik.

She had been desperate that she will lose him if she got married to someone. She was afraid that Manik didn’t feel the same for her.

The revelation was shocking and profound even to her.

‘Should I take a chance and tell him?’
‘I need to confess to him that despite trying hard not to fall in love with him, I find myself caring about him and thinking about him, all the time… and I hope, it stays between us… forever!!’

‘Yes. I have to tell him… that I love him… truly, madly, deeply!’


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