Hello everyone,

I am beginning to post Fire & Ice today and I will try to post one update everyday, around this time.

Fire & Ice was my first Manan book and my first book on wattpad. It’s too amateur. Too basic in writing and I really have no idea why and how it maintained a consistently high position on Rank #1 in the category – Manan FFs for a long time, apart from the fact that it was regularly updated. I used to update every single day in those days. Sometimes, I used to post 2-3 updates in a day 🙂

It is my boldest writing so far and the first few chapters ar so bold and immature that they make me feel awkward, even now. It was taken as a challenge when one of my friends actually said that I can’t write bold parts. So, this FF, I started writing with no holds barred and I guess, it was more of an experiment kind of writing.
Please don’t judge me for those descriptive intimate scenes 🙂

These parts will be password protected as I don’t want them to be open for all on the internet. I will send the password to the subscribers at the email id that they have used to subscribe.

Thank you so much! Lots of love to you.

PS : Last but not the least – This FF was plagiarised word-by-word by another reader and posted under her name until one of my readers alerted me and I reported her.
Please don’t do this to me again.
Even if you don’t subscribe to my blog, every click at any page on this blog, every read sends me the ip address of the user. Any attempt at copying in ANY form will land you in a lawsuit. And I’m really serious about it.

Take care. Stay safe. Love you people.


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  1. Don’t worry babe, hopefully nothing like this happens again, we’ve got you’re back!


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