Hello friends,

Thank you for joining my new site. And if you haven’t joined please do so.

To begin with, let’s go through some basics –

  • It is a new site. so, please let me know of the problems that you are facing – regarding subscription, notifications, commenting etc. I will try to solve each issue. Please be patient while you raise a query as I run short of time and try to do as much as possible in one day. I will surely fix your issues.
  • First few parts of Fire & Ice are bold and mature so they will be password protected. I will be sending the password to registered users over the email. I would not want the content to be open to all on the internet. The same goes for all protected updates in every story I post here.
  • On the app, you can add this site to your already added sites
  • You can register to receive emails and notifications and can turn off notifications for each post and comment.
  • I will start posting Love, Lies, etc. today and Fire & Ice on Sunday.

Once again, thanks a ton for your love for my stories, previously and now as well. It means the world to me. Your encouragement and motivation have made a huge difference in my life.

I have no words to thank each one of you.

Take care. Stay safe. Lots of love


19 thoughts on “To begin with –

  1. Having no household help, not even your husband, managing house, children and clinic, and even then taking all these efforts, making new site, segregating Manan ff’s, updating ongoing ones and I can really go on. Hats off to you really commendable. Just wanted to ask do you sleep even😜

  2. Super excited for this new MaNan journey, thank you so much for this!!
    P.S. Subscribed

  3. First of all the dp on this blog looks awesome….I mean your pic..the free spirited look like your characterisations in the story you write… already excited..manan or non manan.. wherever you go I will follow… promise di…

  4. Big love love and hugs didi………. yaay Manan are Back soo happy, cant wait to read the manan fic, titles seems intresting

  5. di love, lies etc. introductions page is not opening. im getting “page is not found” 🙁

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